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It’s wise to know what you are getting yourself in to…

Your Sweetheart Succubus

Hey there! I’m Zoe Adams; Canberra’s statuesque quirky beauty who loves sharing secret encounters with fellow gentle souls and freaky fiends.

I’ve been in the industry as a full service provider since late 2013, and thrive to always gain more knowledge in the services I provide. I am compassionate, well-mannered, and adaptable. Placid without being a pushover, and quirky with the awareness of when it is appropriate. Wise beyond my years in ways often unexpected, I’m an old soul who is open to new experiences and ideas.

In my personal life I am a hobby hoarder and archivist of random information on a wide array of subjects. As a ‘Jack Of All Trades’, my interests are forever changing which can make for interesting conversation. I’d love to learn about your passions as it’s quite possible that we have something in common!

I’m a kind and gentle sweetheart with an inner succubus lying in wait.

Cosy cuddles, playful looks, and lingering touches; apparently I am undeniably intoxicating! My aim is to create a moment in time where you feel safe, seen, and adored. I hope you’ll feel able to share those little quirks you’ve kept tucked away from judgement; I’d love to explore them with you.

I offer some unique fetish services of which I am becoming highly sought after for! I am just over 6 foot tall (185cm), strong, and can carry most people with relative ease. Put me in a pair of platform boots and I will transform in to the Giantess of your wildest dreams.

I am a true switch at heart who is very sensitive to vibes between partners.


Flushed and quivering all over, restrained before You with pleading eyes. Is soaking through my panties from being spanked senseless pleasing to You? I’m just a stupid fuck toy, begging for You to do unspeakably filthy things to me.


Both pleasure and fear plastered on your face, you peer up at the sadistic grin on Mine. Toying your pathetic member to denial, over and over and over again, is laughably easy. How fucking embarrassing to think you could keep up with Me!

No matter the plans we dream up, I am open to embracing the possibility that our own personal vibes and emotions may urge us to explore beyond. I am of course respectful of your decision should you wish to maintain established roles.

Above all else, I believe that the act of open and honest communication is paramount.

Let’s guarantee that our time together is a memorable one; for all the right reasons.

Physical Statistics:

Age: 31

Hair: Fluro Green

Eyes: Blue

Height: 185cm

Weight: 75-80kg

Physique: Athletic, Pear Shaped

Dress Size: 10-12

Bra Size: 12C/14B

Chest Size: 96cm / 38″

Waist Size: 76cm / 30″

Hip Size: 108cm / 42″

Shoe Size: AUS 11 / EU 42

Things I Love:

Flowers: Natives, Succulents

Music: Open minded

Exercise: Aerials, Dance

Perfume: Gucci Guilty

Movies: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Food: Korean, French, Polish

Alcohol: Gin, Champagne, Sake

Cocktail: Gibson, Espresso Martini

Chocolate: Dark, Chilli, Sea Salt

Country: Japan & Hong Kong